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"Escape from the Carnival of Horrors"
    -R.L Stine
book cover of Goosebumps Escape from the Carnival Of horrors

There is only one word for this book ..Scary!!.
I saw this book in Himalaya Book World,Hyd..i was i just gave it a shot
the book was.. Scary....
Book is awesome,it's a gamebook.Reader is the character,author gives him choices to select from
reader makes his own twist and turns.You and your friends patty and brad enter the carnival of evil
you are forced to test the rides.At the end of every page author allows the reader to select from a minimum
of two choices.Your choice makes your story,your decisions. You try to escape.You choose where to go like you would do in real.Whatever happens it's your choice. So you can't blame author if you end up Eaten By An Alligator,Become a Ghost,Eaten by a Swamp Monster,Blasted of to Mars for 20 years or Drown.
The book will give you Goosebumps....
The book has many endings.Just read through and discover yours....

 Do not read the book page wise,go through the flow of the story ,live the story,face the results and enjoy..
This book will give you so many stories that if written individually there can multiple stories..
Read the book ,ask your friends to read then see where they land up..and where you did..

(the Bookworm)

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