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The Secret Island..

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The Secret Island
      -Enid Blyton

the secret island by enid blyton book cover

This book was my first ever book that i borrowed from library...
I loved this novel so much that i read it 20-30 times...believe me..i did

The story is and adventure story four kids about Jack,Peggy,Nora and Mike ..
It's an adventure story of the four children who run away from their strict guardians to a secret island.The story covers all that adventures which children long for. They live by themselves hidden away ,how they utilize natural resources,e.g they use running stream water prevent milk from turning sour.The part in which they make their cow swim across the lake is very funny.There are some thrilling parts as well when at a moment they are just caught but the villagers.Its so thrilling that u pray in your heart that they should not get caught,the story makes you a part of it.You live the story while reading it.
The fur coat with rabbit skin,the berries ,the village weekly market,Christmas celebration in cave,the stealing of chicken for eggs,the potato sacks,the boat they use for crossing the lake and living in caves makes you go wow.
The story is so simple yet adventurous.It's just made for children .
I recommend this book for children for first novel reading...


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