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The Secret Of Nagas

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Shiva Trilogy 2


Shiva Trilogy 2  THE SECRET OF THE  NAGAS by Amish book coverWow that was an awesome book."Shiva trilogy 2 : The Secret of the Nagas" .The characterization from the hindu mythology makes it even  more interesting. The Shiva,Ganesha,Sati, Kartik, Kritika, Vasudev,Parshuram,the kingdoms of Ayodhya,Swadeep,the cities Kashi,the forests of Dandak,the mystical floating forest of Sundarbans .Although this book is completely fictional but then again it has so many events and examples that relate to Hindu mythology.It gives you the feeling that you actually reading a mythology text say Shivgranth .Fact is we have born and brought up witnessing these mythological events in form of stories,movies and TV serials .While reading the book i could relate the characters and visualize them which made it even more interesting. The story is very innovative and i really appreciate the author for this.The book keeps you hooked to it ,i finished the book in around twelve hours that too because i had to go for dinner and lunch or i would have made it even sooner.There is only one thing ,i was intrigued because i was reading something very new but then again i felt the story went very slow maybe extended and then it ends with a sudden twist.Quite smart of the author now i cant wait to read the next sequel.The illustration at the cover picture is really intriguing ,if at a book store you see it you feel attracted towards it.So another complement for the cover too.Since i read the 2nd part of Shiva trilogy directly ,i may have the feeling of missing something .So i suggest start with the first part . My suggestion just go ahead get book and start reading. :-)


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