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Transforming INDIANS to Transform INDIA


TITI,Chinmaya mission Initiative
to Transform
An interaction through 7 stories

The book is worth reading. We often found ourselves comparing India with other countries and then complain about the infrastructure,education system, facilities,government,pollution etc ....This book gives you a reason to be proud of your country.The book covers all aspects of life patriotism spirituality,culture,education,emotions,devotions.There are many instances and examples from places to people.The book is a Chinmaya Mission Initiative to bring transformation in Indians to transform India.The book has seven stories all independent of each other but with same motive to highlight and reflect the India. The stories are very interactive and have quizzes and questionnaires that would make you think. There are philosophies,examples,motivations, solutions with help of verses from Bhagvad Geeta,Quran,Bible,Guru Granth sahib.The book aims in upbringing the patriotic feel of being an Indian.There are practices that one can follow to keep calm in anger,to forgive,to accept challenges.There are examples to show the greater meaning of life.
There are brief introductions of people who marked their names in History of India and world. Few we might never heard of.Examples of people from computerindustry,arts,music,dance, economics, politics, history, religious philosophies. Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata,Ghanshyam Das Birla, Rabindranath Tagore,  Chanakya,Indra Nooyi,Ashfaqulla khan,Sarojini Naidu,Amar Bose "Bose Music Systems",Harish hande "Selco India",N R Narayan Murthy (Infosys),Sudha Chandran "Dance",Dr S Badrinath 'not for profit eye hospital',Kiran Mazumdar Shaw "Biocon",Anand Kumar "Super 30" ..the list goes on ..Who says we lack in technology !!?? We have given the best contributions in sciences to the world.Who says we lack in infrastructure and engineering we have the best examples The Taj Mahal,Sanchi stupa,Sarnath Temple..Our country believes in "vasudaive kutumbakam",we have had armies in past and in present too but we have never been the conquering nation.We believe in Peace.
The book has self-evaluation tests,to check your patriotism level,ambitions,Goals of Life and Goals in life...
I would advise reader to read the book with open mind.The book is not religious text it is focused to transform INDIA.

My small review is just an glimpse of the book what lies inside is just awesome...