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Those small lil things

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Those small lil things 

In life and love

-Rahul Saini

small little things by rahul saini I purchased this book just for reading .Was traveling and had to kill time went to book stall .Browsing the books ,chetan bhagat-3mistakes check,two states check,premchand ki kahaniyan check,agatha christie check,rest authors very costly $$$$$.So thought lets give some new author a chance.So Mr.Rahul Saini got the opportunity for his book
"Those small lil things". What made me choose this one,well there were some photo snippets that made it more realistic and there were pretty girls too ;-). So i had to believe the story must true to some extent and storymode will keep me occupied . 

The book revolves around the character Raj. He has lot of friends ,many being girls(interesting... relates to me),loves his childhood crush Rushi. Both are besties but she always denies his love.The story start from his childhood ,there are many filmy dialogues especially of SRK movies love-shove type.His schooldays ,college and job etc etc. The book is full experiences in every phase of life,there is humor,there is tension,emotion,fun,friendship,triangular love story,jealousy .Then there are girls who are very sweet,kiddish,best friends ,fun loving .With them you cant feel lonely.Even though your heart belongs to someone special ,this girls here play an important role .Then the office masti and sarcastic Boss. There are some very funny incidents and bollywood dialogues .This book feels lively to read.You can relate to the story,i could ...

This book is good time pass book .You wont have and everlasting changing effect but will kill your journey time.It's good for light reading and if you are not author specific and looking for something new.It's good to go.

So when on a journey and at station wondering what to read ..Go ahead and grab this one..:)


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