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Vacation Under The Volcano

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Magic Tree House Series #13

Vacation Under The Volcano

       -Mary Pope Osborne
Magic Tree House Series #13  Vacation Under The Volcano by Mary Pope Osborne book cover

This Book here gave me good time when i was given Glucose through IV in hospital. Not even one-fourth of glucose had passed and i was getting bored so demanded for a book from home,got this one .For next 20 mins i was completely involved reading this book.Good time killer :).
Well this Book is mainly targeted for primary school children but then again i'm not elder than them  ;-) :-D . 
The book is an interesting adventure of two siblings Jack and Annie .They are promoted as Master Librarians(ML) and given a ML Card .They are assigned a mission to recover ancient book from lost library in Pompeii.Spoiler alert!!!! 76 pages of worth reading ,story with morals and history. 
Just read the Book if you ever get a chance or get for your kin ,kid-bro and kid-sister... 


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