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The power of Thinking without Thinking

-Malcolm Gladwell


Blink by Malcom Gladwell Book cover
I saw this book and i decided to read this book in Blink...

It is psychology book but worth reading. It is not for casual readers because they will get bored but those who want improve their decision making it comes as boon.Blink-has several stories that show how a decision in a blink can result in profits and goods.This book shows the power making vital decisions in blink.Those two crucial seconds  which can change course of the history.

The book is all about decisions made in a blink .The factors responsible responsible behind it.The situations in which such decisions are taken .This book describes such situations and conditions with examples.The example of army General,the decisions of a stock owner,game of gamble etc ..

The author has also suggested how to develop this ability to decide in blink.He has explained  'thin-slicing' to decide in blink.We may also call it intuition and unscientific but in critical situations some very critical decisions have to be taken.This critical decisions need to be given in a blink or others life is at stake,like in hospitals.Making decisions in blink doesn't mean ,not analyzing the situation but it's to take a firm decision in short span of time.You have to trust your decision.This book will help you to make decisions in blink.One cannot summarize it,read the book :-) enjoy reading...



  1. thanks for Informing about the book BLINK .. Decision making ability makes all the difference to achieve a materialistically successful life and guidance on the same is a must welcome !! Nice review .. u compel me to hunt the book down !! :)