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The Diary of a Young Girl


The Diary of a Young Girl 

-Ann Frank

Ann Frank book coverThis classic book is a great example how diaries have played role in archiving our history.
I read about this book in a newspaper and was intrigued .Whats' so special about it.
Believe me it's an excellent book .A small girl in the period of  Second World War decided to write about her experiences during those hard times.She didn't have anyone else to share with so she selected the diary which was gift for her 13th birthday.She called her diary "Kitty",very unusual than Dear diary phrase.She wrote the diary as if writing and speaking to a friend.
What makes this special is that the diary has description of the second world war through perception of a 13 year old girl.The honest and pure perception of a child.This diary has description of how Jewish people had to go into hiding because of Nazi invasion
.How there rooms were shared. How she loved her dad and how she couldn't get along with her mom.Ann frank writes how she got the company of peter whom she didn't like initially .Then later she starts to like peter,how they spend time together and then she like decent girl thinks what would be her future with him.Then there are instances of soldiers coming to their hiding place.How they hide themselves. While reading this book you feel you are there in that place with.The narration and writing style is very friendly and easy to understand.
This book has some funny instances including bathroom accidents etc. Also there's description how 13 year old kid can feel jealous for other getting more attention and love.There are some instances where the fear of getting caught is mentioned.Then there is hope.Then the hardships that they had to go through during second world war . Ann frank has showed how can we stay happy in such moments.
The book has so much to say ..if i continue i would write whole  book here .. :-) .
It's a must read book for readers who love the ingenuity of the writing styles.
Also it's good read for teens and students.
enjoy ..happy reading :-)


  1. The book has been prescribed by CBSE, you know.

    1. yes sir i am a CBSE student and i have had the opportunity to read this book :)

  2. Good written of The diary of a young girl.