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Anari (1959)

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Anari (1959)


This movie is an awesome example of an Anarii Raj kapoor plays the character Anari and signifies the character with that genuine common man appeal. Raj kapoor with that emotion has really got into the character.It reflects  in this movie.
I just loved the movie. Best parts are those when Mrs.dSa treats him like his son.
That small incidents just get into the heart. Then again the honest ,genuine and anari raj kumar is just awesome. Alonwith raj kumar ,arti (nutan) plays a very significant role.Her acting has been very good. There are many incidents in movie that will keep you hooked to watch the movie.
I'm not disclosing the plot but i must say if you want see how mother-son relation can be build have look.I'm touched.
This is real common man of India .  :)


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