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Doctor Who and the talons of weng-chiang

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Doctor Who 

and the talons of weng-chiang

- Terrance Dicks

I got this book by sheer luck and later i got to know that it's a famous television series on BBC.

The book "Doctor Who and the talons of weng-chiang " author Terrance Dicks  is awesome book to read .Story takes place in London in 19th century .Doctor and his accomplice Leela happen to be in London  when they find about Weng-Chiang ...Who's weng chiang!!?? ..well he is the villain of the story considered to be ancient Chinese god of evil.Then there are characters like Mr.Jago ,Mr.Litefoot ,Chang the magician ,Casey stage help.The description of Police with thick mustache and other descriptions are really fantastic. Flow is quite intriguing and you wan to read what happen's in the end.The story is quite amusing to read .There is nice description About Leela you would like to read . A very unusual woman ofcourse.The mystery of man sized Rats in the sewage pipes of London .The mystical disappearance and murder of young women .Funny character Mr.Jago. The book is good for children and also for those adults who still have that young child alive in their hearts.:) 

I have the book .Feel free to contact if anybody wishes to read.


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