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On the other side of riverstream

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On the other side of River-stream

            One fine morning,
                       when the world seemed new,
  the sun shone bright ,
       and the grass had dew,
            I don't know why,
                    my heart was thumping fast,
                              never had i felt like this,
    never it did in my past,
             A soft breeze ,
                      flowing in air,
                            carrying a special essence,
  which i felt  very rare,
            while walking on my way,
                      on that perfect day,
                         I saw the girl of my dream,
                               on the other side of river-stream,
           I crossed the river,
                     and reached wheres she stood,
                            but she had gone already ,
   vanished in those woods,
               Her cute little smile,
                     looked like the crescent of the moon,
                         I want to see her again ,
                             please god give me this boon,
             Since that day,
                I wait for her there ,
                      On the other side of river-stream
                          where i had seen that  beauty so rare.....

Pavan More
FE Computer Engg.

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