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The Immortals of Meluha

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Shiva Trilogy-

The Immortals of Meluha


This is a book to read.I was longing to read this book. From Shiva -trilogy .,I read 2nd part i.e The secret of Nagas initially. Though being a a sequel to 1st part it was a independent book itself. Now ,when i read the first in the series Immortals of Meluha ,i am fan of Mr.Amish  for writing such an awesome book series.
This book covered all the fantastic storiies to intrigue me and kept me glued to the book .I had to finish the book .I read like bookworm,finished in a day .Just loved it.Now eagerly want to read third in the series.

 The Immortals of Meluha   book coverThis book has a very nice introduction to the legend Shiva. The geographical regions described ,the king and kingdoms ,way of living ,education system ,varna system and structure of society all relate to ancient history of India. Indians must have read ,heard stories of ancient India from their grannys ,well i'm a lucky one to have this experience :) . Now while reading the book ,those stories ans characters reflected back on me but in total new picture. Characters used are so much into our minds that i didn't have to put in lot of efforts to imagine them.The Shiva, Sati, Parveteshwar and their dressing styles ,,well we all have seen Ramayana and Mahabharata in India at some time in television or movie. So just amazing. while reading i could visualize the scenes as watching movie .
My recommendation is that do read this book .It's awesome book .The book is purely fictional and does not encourage any religious motives.It's for pure reading and fun .For long we have read vampires ,werewolves and magic world novels  here's some original Desi stuff worthy reading.(superlike) .

Book covers our ancient indian education system ,the true Varna (caste) system ,rich heritage and architecture. This book though it's fictional ,it has some true facts that will give you every reason to be proud of Ancient Indian and we being the heir of India. 

Book has story of making of Tibetan Barbarian into Mahadev(God of gods). It's story of how a person did so great deeds that it could be done only by Almighty God .His deeds speak for him .The romantic description of  meeting of Sati and Shiva  is awesome and fun over marijuana (Weed) with friends .This book has showed every way the God Shiva has been described, creator,destroyer,angry,romantic. Don't forget the "Natraj" ,Shiva is considered god of Dance .The description of Shiva dancing is awesome.
The caring nature of a lover ,husband ,pride of a warrior is very well reflected through the story.

And I must complement on the Book Cover though i dont judge book by it's cover  but this one really intrigued me to check out the book.

I dont want to reveal the story ,to ruin your experience it ..enjoy it ..It's worth it :) 


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