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Doctor Who and the Nightmare of Eden


Doctor Who and the Nightmare of Eden

-Terrance Dicks

I would say i have become fan of Dr.Who series. Just couldn't resist and went back to the book fair and got two more books . This fiction series has it's touch.
So here is Doctor Who and the nightmare of eden .The book is awesome.The character Dr. who, his accomplice Romana and  robot dog cum mobile computer k9. 
Doctor Who and the Nightmare of Eden  book coverThe story is centered in inter galactic space journey .How two spacecrafts collide but do not destruct instead get fused into each other while traveling at Warp speed.Some facts are scientifically laid and create the fantasy. Dr.Who  as always has played the time lord who knows everything. No super powers just mere talent and knowledge. Romana adds to that female spirit and k9 the robotic computer (like r2d2 ) has a cuteness. Then there is drug smuggling racket which unfolds mysteriously.The drug Vraxin and its effects have been described fantastically .Also the effects after the consumption is described very well,the laughing,blabbering and carefree ,careless behavior .The gadgets and devices mentioned  have futuristic shadows. May be in future we will have such devices. 
The story has awesome timing and one cant leave the book aside for a break.You want to finish the book .It hooks you up. 
and after the book ends you get a smile :) . The book has simple and yet interesting story.
Good for children and also for grown ups.

I wont reveal the plot and story .If you want to know ..Read the book .
my assurance its a good book .  :)



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  2. Can I have your contact number? your reviews are really awesome!!! ;-)