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Mistress & a million dollars

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Mistress & a million dollars

-Maxin Sullivan

Mistress & a million dollars  book coverThis book was suggested to me by a friend ..just to know how girl oriented books are . This book is for all not kids but boys and girls . This book truly reflects how girls think when they are in love,their temptations,their desires,their initiations and arrogance,pride. They book beautifully describes the emotions of a girl .
The character Briana Davenport is a world recognized model,why would she be anyone's mistress !!?? models ,girls are wrongfully portrayed as money-hungry but none asks what goes in background. There may be  reasons unknown . 
Jarrod Hammond is madly in love with briana but proud and arrogant rich. He just adores and admires briana. 
The love making scenes are really seducing. Girls would agree :) .and for boys i would passion is not best tool always. go soft ,do something special.:) ..
 This book is for teenage and above . This is no cheap content by divulging into sex stories  ..The scenes are described well with limitations and restrictions. 

Then there are some stories where business and bad business is involved.Also some bad choices and decisions. 

My recommendation for boys  is if want to know how girls want to be perceived in love and love-making,read this book ,for girls just go and grab a copy you would love it  :)


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