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The monk who sold his Ferrari

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The Monk who sold his Ferrari

-Robin Sharma

The Monk who sold his Ferrari  book coverWow what a book .Inspired me ,enlightened me,motivated me,guided me. I loved it.
The writing style is good ,it's a  conversation between Julian and john   ,the style is as such that it feels like author is talking to you . Author as monk and you as listener. It's like old granny stories ,there's story and there's something to learn . Author has tried to put in moral teachings,lifestyle principles ,ethics and rules in story-mode. In our busy lives we often forget the important things in our life. We are always rushing . We lose out ourselves to become someone else. We strive for material success meanwhile forgetting our family  and ourselves. 
This book has covered all the miseries  we go through our busy lives. How we become workaholics,working day and night for material success .We are born with free spirit as we grow we  lose our freedom .We become enslaves of this system. We are caught in that rat race.

Julian takes a decision to change his life. He sells his house ,his favorite Ferrari and leaves his lawyer job . He visits India and searching for his answers. He finds it in great Himalayas . After his return he is changed man ,much younger and fresh . Why would a successful man sell his all possessions and leave his well settled life.!! Why !!?   There's something very special that john is mesmerized with . Julian shares his all experience with john ..
You want to know the secret of life .. read  this book .. 
Take my word .. read it . it's worth it.. 

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