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In the long night

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In the long night

When the nights are long
    and friends are few,
i sit by my window
     thinking of you,
a silent whisper
    and a silent tear
and a wish from my heart,
    only if you would be here..
sitting beside ,
    listening to my heartbeat ,
where you reside.
    Talking to each other ,
we would walk
    when you are tired
we would sit in the park.
Looking at the twinkling sky,
a wishing star would pass,
i listen to your wish,
and mine you would ask,
I would say"I wish you,
 if i lie cross my heart through",
you shall stare at me for a while,
then lowering the eyes,
 you would smile.

It's too late,.
 then you would say,
sit for some more time ,
 i would pray.
Ready to go you would stand,
sit a bit more ,
i would say holding your hand,
after a while,
 we would walk to your home,
your dog would bark at me ,
seeing a person unknown.
Sshh.. you would do ,]
and silent it would lay,
you would enter your house,
and i would walk on my way.

How nice it would be ,
if you were here,
these sleepless nights ,
i can no more bear,
lying on my bed
i close my eyes,
but yet can't sleep after so many tries ,.
in the long night,
i wish you were  here,
smiling for me which is very rare.....


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