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Writing poems

#"Have you ever written poetry? What was your first poem called? Do you believe that poetry is really a 'spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings'? "
#For Indivine 

Yes I have written poetry . My poem are on my blog ..  
My first poem was "Ekach bhet (एकच भेट )" . It's marathi poem . 

"पावसा आधी चालणारी
   तेज वायु सारखी चंचळ,
    झर- झर पावसा सारखी 
      खिड-खिडून हसणारी .... " 

Visit my blog for full collections .. 

Poetry is such a medium that a person can write his feeling in the same way that he feels. The efforts that person puts into poem decide how much he/she cares for that topic. Word by word they become a phrase then stanza and then poem .
When i wrote this poem .It was meant for a special person. We had only one meeting and it turns out it imprinted on my heart. I was on roof .There were dark clouds in sky and it started to rain . 
The mood was set and words started to flow. Finger were typing on mobile word by word ,line by line.
And poem was thus composed. 
First thing i did was to call the person and recite . It had come from heart and is closest to my heart eversince. 
The poem was a reply to the her when she had asked to describe her. Well here it was.. 
I was missing her . The emotion was string enough to make a poem ,and it means a lot. 

Poetry is very powerful form of writing . Just we need is those beautifully written lines that touch heart. 

-Pavan More


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