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" सरहदें तो ज़मींन के बटवारे के लिए होती है,

दिलो के गुलिस्तां में सरहदो का क्या वास्ता "

My experience with Pakistan television 
I have  lived in two parts of country closer to Pak border . 
Akhnoor (J&K) year 1998 to 2001,Sriganganagar(Rajasthan) 2002-2005 .The boundaries were within 50 km at max . The television frequencies would be caught by our antennae.
I have seen PTV  and Doordarshan .  I have seen some television serials though i don't remember any , well i didn't have cable network so didn't have much choice . I just watched for timepass and somewhat loved that accent,language. I saw news of both sides ,interesting was to view news of India on PTV and news of Pakistan on Doordarshan .I Don't like to make any political comments but both were biased. Ultimately people end up creating their opinion on these biased news . This was my experience with Television on Pakistan and India .

I loved the efforts of Zee Network and Zindagi to mend this gap because as kid i didn't distinguish ,i just watched tv . Today atleast i have choice . 
I am not much of serial guy but would like to try a few ,just for the shear fun . If i can watch telugu movies,tamil movies ,indonesian ,chinese , why not pakistani . 


I wasn't sure what to expect in the meet but it turned out wonderfull .
I loved the concept . Good approach to change thinking of people .Good way to blend in .
We love the music of Rahat Fateh Ali khan , Atif Aslam,Ali Zafar,Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan,Ghulam ali ,Adnan Sami ( I googled this list ,Surprised to see Names 20+).  I carry their music in mobile ,share it ,like it for the quality of their music,talent that's the beauty of it :) . 
I expect same from Zindagi ,to blend in our hearts the actors ,acting ,stories .
 Don't promote Zindagi as pakistani television just let it blend . Soon the names will be common .People will google them ,their bio,wiki pages and they will be part of us. They will appreciate the actors and serials for their acting .

I loved the effort ,i loved the concept . 

Experience at 

I love indiblogger meets ,It's fun :) . 
Good concept
Loved the effort of zindagi . 

Delicious food 
Just yummm .. Lunch was delicious , 
My favorite was sweets,ate 3 plates Cream caramel ,3plates Ras malai and 2 plates jalebi . Well i would  have tried more but seems I was full . Burrrrpppppppp . ;-)

Good Venue arrangemen
Venue arrangement was very good ,the Leela hotel ,indiblogger has got bigger :) . Round tables ,drinking arrangements,I saw many scribbling on notepads, Live video streaming ,chat with Delhi and Pakistan .Fun part was Delhi Vs Mumbai . Yo ! Delhites you cant beat Amchi Mumbai . 
Here's some analysis . 
Mumbai Rocks !!! :)

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