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Black- It's just

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Black is my favorite color ..
charcoal black,shiny metallic black,
Black defines my style ,makes me look fit and perfect.
I have black jeans,mobile,rucksack,love black fonts.

#1 .Black laptop
I love the beauty of black  . I have dell xps but it's in grey . I wish it was in black . Matte black with shiny black borders . display glossy black ,
I love the feel of my laptop in night .Me and my laptop in lights off ,pitch dark only the light coming from laptop's display and back-lit keyboard, It gives an aesthetic sense . Makes me feel awesome . The shadows it cast in darkroom ,the light from back-lit keyboard. Just love the feel of night .
If i could get the laptop along with top notch hardware specs . I would flaunt my black beauty to my friends . People notice if it's black . It's royal,elegant,flashy and simple at the same time.

#2 .Black sedan
I don't own a car but the colour is decided. Black. Now i have to decide matte black or metallic black . That i will decide when i see the car :) . The jet black seats ,shiny black exterior,neon lights ,dark red tail lights,green neon display ,black tires ,wooaaa it's damn exiting.
The royalty comes naturally to black colour .A sedan car,black ,attracts the attention of people.
Would love one :) .

#3. Black Harley Davidson Bike
This is one thing that i want very much . Imagine the style ,attitude ,the pleasure of driving harley davidson.nothing can compare to harley davidson . It's elegant ,it's wow.

#4. Black iPhone

Nothing can beat iPhone and best if it comes in my favorite colour :Black. though it's available in market . I'm yet unable to buy one. Beuty comes at cost. I would love one iphone for sure . Black is not easily available, Silver is readily available. Black shines,when you take it out and hold it in hand,people glance,envy. I love it .

#5 .Black Room
I always wondered what would a black wall would look like? I would like to see one and have one . Reason black gives feel of umm.... curiosity as well as peaceful. You try to search something in black color but you cant . It's always unaltered ,black will always be black . The shine of black gives a royalty feel . Anything matches with black .It gives a wonderful Background to highlight some things. 

One  can't decide the reason why black is my favorite color.It's just 
Black is BOLD
Black is Elegant
Black is Beautiful 
Black is Appealing 
Black is Revolting
Black is Power

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