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Word-Up !! Indiblogger Meeting

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Word-Up !!!

#Word-Up +IndiBlogger 

It was awesome experience . I was very excited about this one.
The agenda was strong and guests were to be bloggers. I got what i expected . Learned from their experiences.
Anshul Tiwari from Inspired me a lot . Motivated me for blogging . He showed me the impact a blogger can make.
Snigdha  Manchnada from teatrunk & story ninja ,well her voice is amazing,storytelling is wow. I got to know the power of speech and compositions.
Amit Agrawal gave good tips on blogging. I am considering one .
C S Krishna this guy has given me ROFL times. Loved his humor and humbleness. Don't go in his looks ,he is full of pranks. He gave good tips how to write humor blog and precautions to take.
Scherezade Shroff just won my heart. She gave good tips on blogging and making career out of blogging.
Varun Krishnan ,founde of fonearena. good to meet guy who is single handedly responsible for my mobile craziness.
Lakshmi Rebecca from 'Chai with Laksmi',inspired me to make video blog. Her story is very inspiring for making blogging as career.
Harsh Agrawal ,This guy gave us SEO tips to attract more traffic to our blog.

#Fun at indiblogger
I Was late so i missed MOTO G :( .otherwise 10% it was mine :D :D . Anyways I am happy for the pretty girl with long hair..that she won it.. :) .. It was fun to convince her for photo .She wanted something in lieu of photograph. Well she got Moto G .. :D :D
I had missed my breakfast,so made up for it in lunch... ;-) .
I won 500 bucks :) . My first one @ indiblogger ..
I also happen to meet ,i guess youngest blogger in Word-Up ,Shahen Pardiwala .
500 ;-)

It was fun .
Food was yumm..
Venue awesome..
Friends dazzling ..
Opening with Indiblogger band performance..
A picture can tell more stories than words..

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