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Deep Deep Diwali

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Deep Deep Diwali 

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Diwali is most awaited festival  by me .
I love the essence of sweets being made at home .Sankarpada,shev,laddooo00OOO .. 
So how my diwali is celebrated. 
I help my mom in frying the sweets and making Chakali .Most of it finished while making :P .
I like light crackers not sound . So i get few flowerpots ,Sursuri,Rockets, . Just love when they light up . 
I have stopped lighting cracker long way back but i get some that bring light into our lives and brighten it. 

I like mud diyas ,not candle, I like the purity of mud diyas,oil and cotton wick. It's pleasant feeling to observe it lightening up .Let there be a dark room and place a diya , the soothing feel  ,the calmness ,the inspiration a diya can give cannot be compared. 
Odor of oil burning is also very pleasant . The yellow glow of diya. WoW. 

Then  i like rockets , love them when they go up in sky and spread the pleasant colors . The design they make ,creates a lasting impression on our mind . And admit it all love it. 
The rocket goess.. suiiiiiiiii...thakk..just love it. :) 

Then flowerpots are my favorite, When they light up it's awesome. White light ,color lights, golden sparkles  just wow. 

Diwali plans for this year , Well me going Pune to my family . We had some family crisis so we are not celebrating Diwali this year . It's ok next time.
This year it will only be Diyas and batis. Pooja at home .
I will enjoy watching firecracker,light limited number of Diyas. have quality family time . :)
That's what Diwali is for uniting family together :)

I very concerned about environment believe me but for this festival light Kids go ahead and grab some cracker ,it's just for a day :)

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Happy Diwali to reader and friends who follow my blog. :)

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