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I believe


I believe 

I believe ,
that day would come ,
she would stand next to me ,
and we would walk alone

Silently she would walk ,
i won't know what to talk ,
she would slow her pace down ,
and we would walk to the town .
Then  would sing a song ,
and she would hmm along..
Just this way we would walk ,
without a single talk ,

On the way ,
I would buy her a rose,
accepting with a smile ,
she would keep it very close,
instead of red ,
it would be white,
as pure as her ,
with her smile so bright. 

Taking a deep breath ,
then i would say ,
I love from my heart,
will do it till my death ,
then she would feel shy ,
for the reason i know why.
Looking in my eye,
suddenly she would cry,
but i know she is happy ,
and they were tears of joy ,
Later she would smile ,
and embrace me for a while ,

Close together ,
then we would walk again ,
on her way back home ,
it would start to rain,
she would get soaked ,
and i would also drain,
walking like this ..
we would reach her home.. 
I believe i believe ,
that day would come . 



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Travel but Don't litter around

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Travel but Don't litter around 

Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega#indblogger
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#AbMontuBolega is social initiative by Stepsils India towards Swach Bharat Campaign. Be part of it Voice your opinion on twitter and facebook : ) . I do my bit you do yours. 

I love to travel . I have traveled to many parts of India . The journey had one thing in common . Railways. I have been to Guwahati, Jammu ,Hyderabad,Surat,Sri Ganganagar,Bareilly ,Lucknow , Delhi, Bhopal and many more..
Railways had one thing in common . NO DUSTBIN in moving train .

Image Credits:
Image source :
Now all of us foodies we like to eat chana garam ,bhel,tea,coffee , bananas,samosa,chole-puri and what not. India railways facilitates all these. Yumm isn't it. But then what about the leftovers,garbage ,peels ,wrappers & Tea cups !? . They find there way out from window,
Now taking statistically :
India railways expand over : It is one of the world's largest railway networks comprising 115,000 km (71,000 mi) of track over a route of 65,436 km (40,660 mi) and 7,172 stations.[4] In 2013–14, IR carried 8,425 million passengers annually or more than 23 million passengers daily (roughly half of which were suburban passengers) Ref: wikipedia
"So on average if every passenger is responsible for 1 wrapper/plastic bag : Everyday Indian railways produce : 23000000 wrappers/plastic bags/water bottles/plastic or foam cups  etc.
This garbage is spread over 115,000 km railway line ." 
I love Indian Railways  but i feel very bad when it turns out to garbage machine like this.

I have only simple recommendation to Indian Railways. 

1.Please keep temporary Dustbins in Moving train and ensure they are emptied at every station .
2.I wouldn't mind paying a fine if found littering on stations . Enforce this rule and Indian railways can reduce it's garbage footprint .
3. I request passengers not throw wrappers out of window, keep it in polythene bag/paper bag and take effort to put it in dustbin .
4. Have Surprise gifts for Good Citizens/ Safai-cleaning Workers. Encourage them to dump waste in dustbin instead of railway tracks.
5. We as individuals.
Please point out to anyone who litters the direction to closest dustbin .  Ungli dikhao campaign .

Image Source : NDTV

Image : Image source

Image Source: pixabay

Why to point out only India Railways. :

India Roadways is also major contributor.

Image source :
"India has a road network of over 4,689,842 kilometres (2,914,133 mi) in 2013,[1][2] the second largest road network in the world. At 0.66 km of roads per square kilometre of land, Ref: wikipedia"

Do i need to explain more. !!??? 

This is not a Blame Game.  Indian Railways and Roadways is public entity , it's your tax money . It's by you ,for you  keep it clean. 
I do my bit ,you do yours. 

Your's  Montu ;) 

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The Art of the Mystics 

-Bharat Thakur 

I saw this book and was intrigued What exactly it could be !! 
Had glimpse ,read few lines and loved it. 
This book is collection of Poems Composition Of Mr. Bharath Thakur. 
Loved the poems 

"All day i hear sounds.
Sounds that disturb me,
Sounds that seduce me,
Sounds of music,
Sounds of noise.
I stand by the sea one day .
And the sound of waves makes me soundless.
I can't search for soundlessness.
Only sound will take me there."
This is one poem from this book I loved it . I love standing in waves ,hearing its sounds and feel the gushy winds.

The book is good for light reading and if you are a poet at heart or poetry lover.

Author info : Bharat Thakur in an internationally recognized Spiritual Master who has conducted numerous meditation workshops, yoga sessions and corporate yoga workshops all over the world. Combining a flamboyant personality and an inimitable directness which is startling and simultaneously endearing,

Recommended for all :)


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