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The Art of the Mystics 

-Bharat Thakur 

I saw this book and was intrigued What exactly it could be !! 
Had glimpse ,read few lines and loved it. 
This book is collection of Poems Composition Of Mr. Bharath Thakur. 
Loved the poems 

"All day i hear sounds.
Sounds that disturb me,
Sounds that seduce me,
Sounds of music,
Sounds of noise.
I stand by the sea one day .
And the sound of waves makes me soundless.
I can't search for soundlessness.
Only sound will take me there."
This is one poem from this book I loved it . I love standing in waves ,hearing its sounds and feel the gushy winds.

The book is good for light reading and if you are a poet at heart or poetry lover.

Author info : Bharat Thakur in an internationally recognized Spiritual Master who has conducted numerous meditation workshops, yoga sessions and corporate yoga workshops all over the world. Combining a flamboyant personality and an inimitable directness which is startling and simultaneously endearing,

Recommended for all :)


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