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Miss you dad

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Miss you dad

I miss you dad,
miss you very much ,
the laugh we had together,
and your praising touch ,
The moments of joy,
the days if fun ,
winters of chilling mist,
& summer of shining sun

Those busy market streets,
just look empty without you ,
those sweet chocolates taste sour,
'coz i didn't get it from you .

i miss doing mischievous things ,
that mom would punish me for,
you would come between us ,
and save me from her.

 I miss walking with you,
to walk with your pace,
i always had ti run although,
to win that home bound race.

i miss your encouraging words,
and inspiring teachings that you taught,
things that  i should do ,
and things i should not,

I miss the fear of you,
to do anything wrong,
i miss your anger,
and beating strong.

I miss your tight hug,
that would take away all my tears,
i miss that sense of security,
that would keep me away from my fears,

Each and everyday ,
when the sun is settling down ,
I wait for you at the doorstep ,
may be you will return from town.

how do i explain to my heart,
that you've gone forever,
far very far away from me,
and you will return never.

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  1. The pain of losing a parent is like losing a part of your life...