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Shave it to Save it

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Shave it to Save it


This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette

Well groomed male is desire of every woman out there. We men are quite lazy and don't care for grooming until we have a date or meeting with boss. We won't budge from our seat if not needed :P . 

when it comes to grooming most noticeable visual trait in males is face. Unshaven or ungroomed face is strict no no . 
When you have a date and you slept full time dreaming about it forgetting to groom yourself .Just take out that shaving kit and make wonders. 

I have some personal experiences . I am hell of a lazy person and take last minute decisions for some event or date. 
I remember  being complemented for clean shave then sometimes for that well groomed soul patch on my chin :) . 

This are my personal observations: 

1. If you have french cut : you are age group looks like 30-32+ .It's professional if you don't have problem in looking 30-32+ . 
2. If you have plain beard . Well it suits fair men more. It adds five years to your age. Some ladies will love it but girls wont . 
3. If you have Goatee , you are you look artistic or thoughtful .
4. If you have goatee and mustache  it shows smartness. 
5. If you have mustache and beard . you look very royal or purely beggar . Well Royal can afford to keep it and maintain ,and beggar because he can't afford to maintain it or shave it. 
6. A soul patch show joyful and flirty nature . 

As we see if you keep mustache or beard people can interpret it in  many ways.
Best possible solution for this, Clean shave, It's neutral ,elegant and cool.  Clean shave shows that you can expect neat tidy work from the person . 

So  guys if you want to save your day and cant come up with something good . Just keep and it clean and tidy . 
Shave it to save it . 

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