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The Royal NEEM Bath

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The Royal NEEM Bath

This article is written for 

"Garnier Pure Active Neem"  @ Indiblogger

 I have been using face-wash and scrub since teenage days.Thanks to my mom ,who happens to be a beautician .
So skin care yeah ,i have been doing it . I had that pimple treatment kit. So i was always on the safe side. :) .
Now in twenties we don't get much of pimple problems but once in while if something does pop up i just use  face-wash .
I have been using Garnier Intensefresh for quite some time and happy with the brand.
Though i like the cool minty freshness of Intensefresh i might try  Garnier Pure Active Neem.
Surely would review it  .
I have used other brand though and it's always good to be natural as much possible as you can. Now don't try and wrap your self with NEEM Leaves ,It's itchy,bitter and neem smeling. I tried it :P ,umm well mom made me do it. It's considered good to take bath with some neem leaves boiled up in water and mix it with bath water . It's nani's way to ensure i'm free of all skin problems . So yeah that's done once in while when nani comes by  . :)

See  Neem has lot many benefits.:
1. Clears Acne and Dark Pigmentation.
2. Prevents Recurrence of Blackheads.
3.Treats skin infection.
4.Prevents Acne Breakout.
5.Turns skin Clear
6.Treats pimples
7.Controls Excess oils
8.Add glow to skin
9.Treats skin dryness. 
10.Treats skin allergy
11.Heals Psoriasis
12.Treats Eczema 
13.Blood Purifier
14.Treats malaria: Yeah for this i was given the royal NEEM BATH.

and many more . : please feel read this fantastic blogpost for detailed info

My experience : I was given royal Neem leaves bath : 
1. Search for NEEM TREE in Concrete city of Mumbai . :D
2. If you do find it . Climb on it and get bruised in hands. (YEAH that happened. )
3. Get the leaves. 
4. Boil them in water . 
5. You will see water getting greenish-yellowish .It gives neem odour,(I wouldn't call it foul odour. Nani will scold. :P )
6. Mix this with bucketful of water or if you are lucky to have bathtub, Feel free. 
7. Close your eyes,nose and just pour it . 
8. Avoid licking your lips , It tastes bitter . 
9. Finally come out with that odour and chillax. All your skin worries are taken care of. 

The above remedy is by my nani . Thank you nani . 
However you try you cant stop nani from doing this  :P . Whatever your age maybe ,10 or twenties .

Now this is to make my nani happy and also neem benefit.

There's shortcut that avoids,the odour and effort of searching neem tree in Concrete cities. Take a branded NEEM Herbal Cosmetic Product. There are lot of benefits of neem so if a facewash comes with Neem it's good for you . Trust it. It has been mentioned in Vedas , Herbal Medicine books and Nani's Ayurvedic formulas .

Till then guys . Best way to have good skin is to avoid soap on face. NEVER .
Use facewash of your choice and stay fresh :)
Garnier Pure Active Neem Seems a good choice .
Give it a try .

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Feeling the Indian Classical Music

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Feeling the Indian Classical Music

Today i feel like hearing classical music . 
Morning started with Morning Raga by Sudha Ragunathan, Ranjani Ramakrishnan from the movie Morning Raga .
Followed by 
Mahaganpathim by Bombay Jayashri
Then I heard the Shlokas and mantras . 
 सह नाववतु ।सह नौ भुनक्तु ।सह वीर्यं करवावहै ।तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु मा विद्विषावहै । शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

There's a soothing touch in Indian Classical Music . Sometimes just hear it and feel enlightened, 
The Shlokas ,mantras,sufi songs ,folklore ,Sitar it's just wow.
Hear it in full volume. 
That AUM swarnad is soothing ,calming ,refreshing and mesmerizing.

Same goes for Sufi songs .

Piya haji ali by A R Rahman makes go sufi :

O lal meri pat rakhiyo by Shazia Khushak is wow

Khwaja mere Khwaja by A R Rahman :

The list just goes on . 
I felt like sharing this with my readers and friends . If you ever feel like listening something diffrent that pop,jazz,rock and want a soothing effect . Just go for this songs . 

Classical music create such an ambiance that it can trigger your emotions and reveal your inner-self to you .

 Believe me i  haven't yet started with Buddhist shlokas and mantras yet . Else Nirvan not so far.. :) 

I just love it sometimes. 


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