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Goosebumps -The Blob that ate everyone

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The Blob that ate everyone 

Goosebumps is famous book series by R.L. stene . He is very famous children book author. He has written adventure,thrill and scary stories,novel meant  for children .The writing style is as such that it has some scary content but written in context to children .
This book "The blob who ate all " is one such scary story-cum- novel . RL stene is good author to indulge kids in reading. His stories have thrill,excitement,little scaryness ,kids adventure . Kids can relate to stories.
This book is story of kid ,zackie,who stumble upon a typewriter that makes his stories real. This kid has a knack for writing stories , scary stories . He starts with some then visiting an ,it's fun to read story being written inside another story . Major charactors are Alex,Zackie  and annoying friend Adam who makes fun of the brother-sister on their discovery.
The emotions are all kids emotions ,nothing that they shouldn't read.
I highly recommend this book for kids ,not just the book but full series and author himself.
I got this book from a kiddo friend ,cudnt wait to read it. I used to read this series in my school years :) .
Happy Reading. :)

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