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Home is where you family is..

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Home is where you family is..

In present world where people live outside their homes,away from family for working . Trends have changed , previously people use to search job near to their houses, same cities or nearby cities. In today's MNC world ,it's very distant dream and one who gets a job near to house is one of the luckiest. 
We work hard,day and night . Put our efforts but there comes a time when we want to share our day or relax in arms of our loved ones but you miss it . All these happens just because you can't afford to buy house or may be you are not planning to stay in that city .We work hard in optimism that this hardship will payoff and you will have your home , family with you  .This is the optimism attached with owning a house. 
I personally have been to lot of places Thanks to my dad. Coming from defence background we moved a lot all over the country . We didn't stay more than 3 years at a place. Well it was good but somewhere dad felt we need to permanently settle down . My dad had been outside his home,village for more than 20 years. So he longed for it. My dad would say "I have worked a lot outside now it's time to go back home ,live with our family and friends ,our city ,our place. " 
Although we could take a home in Mumbai/Pune/Hyderabad . He chose hometown ,a small village in North Maharashtra. He said i have lived my life,now will settle down here. You as youngsters spread your wings and go where you want but at end of the day you will come back to your nest. I feel it's right too. Somethings don't work as planned :( , but anyways . Defence jobs,MNC job take you to distant places. You work hard for your family ,to keep your family together with you .My dad used to talk about his longing to go back to village,his house. He would tell me how it was to work outside, how it was at home, he would tell me stories of village,of his friends. He said he wanted to contribute to the society ,his village and attend every single family event :D . There's lot of feeling attached to it which cannot be explained in words just felt. This feel comes inherent to us all . The feel of going back to your home.We have a house at village . I too have that feel of going back to my house and i will . 
For now,recently i shifted my family to Pune  purely keeping education and job scenario in mind. Took a house , luck by chance i own a house at this age so my major issue is solved. Atleast i don't have to worry about home loan installments for better part of my life. :) 
The satisfaction of owning a house cannot be compared . You get a feel that you have somewhere to go back to . Whenever i go to my house, i know someone is waiting for me at home. Well for now it's Mom :P , know. 
You can relax. You forget your worries. This optimism is wow, it just comes automatically .That's the best part of it.  
I go home ,talking with family ,laughing, relative visits,Gossiping :P , teasing sister etc etc. It's the best feel . 
Home is what keeps us bounded together. We can see it in nature .Every small animal ,insect makes a home and they are driven towards it. Birds fly to remote continents but fly back home .That's the power of this feeling.  

You know when we talk to our parents about home ,it's fun to hear their stories. And you can't help but get mesmerized. :) 



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