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New home New Life.

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New home New Life


I come from army background.  We have been changing cities and location for long time.
Each posting/transfer made brought new friends and new culture. I have been to all corners of the country . Every time we shifted ,we left a soul of us behind but then we got new friends and it brought more happiness . During dad’s service years we went to Assam,J&K ,Rajasthan ,Hyderabad,Uttar Pradesh .
Recently I took a major step to shift my family  to Pune.  We settled down in  Pune, Maharashtra .We bought a house and couldn't more happy and proud .  New house ,new community ,new environment. We made new friends, new culture. Everything seems so refreshing . Couldn’t ask for more . We got a new start .
It's feels rejuvenating. We are rejoicing in our new home. We painted the house , we bought new things to our house. Decorated and designed the house as per our wish . We had so many discussion , who would take which room , what colour to paint , which furniture goes where. This is fun . Those who moved in new houses recently  would understand my joy . So many feelings ,joy comes with it.
We are getting new things to our house , building it up piece by piece and making it ours. We have done so much shifting that when we finally settled down in Pune . I cant express the happiness in words, it can be just felt :-) .
I am exploring my locality , city. There's market nearby , so my mom gets to feed me all the fresh green leafy veggies , there's temple nearby so nani is all happy-happy , small park for kids if any kiddo comes by . I am still exploring , found so many good places nearby house. That's fresh start, to build new relationships.New shops,vendors, neighbors,  locality. You get a new chance to start all over again . Well some may be satisfied in there permanent locations but i'm one of those who likes changes .

Get a new house, shift cities, relocate to new place  and experience a fresh start . It's awesome :)

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