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Ramayana-The Game of Life-Shattered Dreams

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Ramayana-The Game of Life

Shattered Dreams

Now this is an incredible book . After reading Ravana's perspective in previous book "Asura" , Ram's perspective comes refreshing. Thanks to ,i got the book for review and it turned out so well . We have read ,experienced Ramayana in stories, Epic ,movies,cartoons and TV Series . I have had it as optional subject too in my school days. So somewhere i knew the whole story at heart. 

Now what makes this book different is the narration and description . The fine notes and explanation  at bottom of the page and sections.The descriptions,quotes,meanings and small explanations are so beautiful written:
"Unity without loyalty to a common goal is like cement without water to seal bricks"
"Manthara is using the good quality if being charitable in the future as a reason to be cruel and selfish in the present... "
"Attachment always preceds detachment. Sita could detach herself from so much because she was deeply attached to Rama..."
For story i had second thoughts should i read the book or not since i knew the story already but these small explanations and notes kept me hooked.I always welcome good virtue and knowledge . It makes one a better person . This book fulfills that requirement . 
There's no secret about the story and plot . So i'm not hiding the story or plot.It's Ramayana . It's story cannot be changed but if you ever attended "Ram Leela " Play at City fair you would know what i'm talking about. Story is same but narration and enacting makes it beautiful. 
In this book also story is same but narration is wow. If it would have been old days, this book could be "Shubha-Ramayan" or "Shubha-Vilas-Ramyana"  like we have "Tulsi-Ramayana", "Vasistha Ramayana" ,"Agastya Ramayana".All these book have same story with different narration style and some events added or removed. I'm surprised and amused that author's like "Shubha Vilas " Exist who can relate to old stories and replenish them with today's scenario and language. 

The book has wonderful narration , just get one to experience it . 

I recommend this book to all kids and teenagers . I advice to parents please do get a copy of this book to groom your child into Virtuous person with high moral standards . 

Discretion : It's a story book , a novel . It does not promote religious or ethnic thoughts. It's a story of good human beings with good qualities. It's applicable to all humans,the moral, family bonding,love between brothers , love for husband-wife, sacrifices to honor parents words/orders/wishes ,love towards community. It's just beautiful . Just ignore the religious affiliations if any (this book doesn't have) ,it's a good read. 
This stories have so much to learn as human that the story became a religious text,inspiration .That's the power of Good writing ,stories and moral of a book. 


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