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-Steve Wozniak and Gina Smith

This book is awesome . It's gives a new limelight on Apple and it's foundations. How it all started and became world's renown brand .
We have all read Steve Jobs story ,a great visionary , an artist  but who made that possible!!?
Steve jobs was good at visualizing the future , taking bold steps, marketing and branding but without technology Apple wouldn't be the  top selling brand.
Steve Wozniak was a major force behind this. He is a true engineer and best known . Simple philosophy of life , simple rules , content with what he had , generous ,humble and prankster.  When you read his biography you shall understand how apple was founded and how the engineering worked. I give credit to Woz for Apple II , best gadget in those times. It was a revolutionary product . Engineering and technology was the base from where apple started.
This book has given the full journey from Steve Wozniak's perspective and it's interesting.
From how a genius like him is born , to pranks he played, technology he built , the inspirations , friends he made, parents support , split-up with life partner and so many aspects of life that go behind building up Apple.
I truly admire Steve Wozniak engineering thinking , simple and elegant. I'm no Steve but i know the feeling :) .
There are lot of photos in the book. Lot of narration of incidents , clarifications and confessions.
It's fun to read.
For all those entrepreneurs and motivated engineers . This book is for you .
And last Apple fans .. you gotta read this ... :)

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