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Axis Digital meet! #PingPayKaro#Bogadda

That's one more revolutionary product coming from Axis . Axis has been evolving a lot in terms of technology lately .
Few months back Axis banking application and now PingPay .

I love the technology and usability of the application . No more hassles of typing Account number , IFSC number , Branch Code , Waiting in line , No Insecurity if logging from unknown internet connection . This app just takes away all those problems and gives an amazing solution .

Asking money is the most troublesome work. So many excuses like , wrong account number, wrong IFSC number , Wrong name spelling , wait time etc etc,  This app eliminates all these setbacks.
Now just ask your friends to whatsapp or facebook the money with the appropriate message.. "Abey Sadiyon Pahile paisae liye thay.. Kab dega K*miney. Whatsapp pe bhej "
And no excuse here , if friend says no internet on phone , SMS him  :P ..

Now if your friend is finding internet connectivity  excuses , send him a recharge of GPRS pack , small one so he cant deny and no excuse now. So doston udhar k din gayee,
This app is innovative way to bring banking into social media.
Best part , whatsapp integrated. Nowadays everyone carries smartphone and knows whatsapp.
1. Easy transfer over IMPS , minimum transfer time .
2. Per day limit of 50,000.
3. Select whom to ask from or pay to from phone contact list.
4. Use whatsapp/facebook/SMS/Email for sharing link/asking  .
5. Receive the response of friend via whatsapp.
6. Ask money from  multiple people . No limit for receiving .
7. Keep record of transactions in transaction history and your account entry .
8. Share your transaction if you want to over social media .
9. Mark your favorites. So you know whom to ask :P :D
10. Easy navigation and user interface. I just love this about Axis bank apps .

Well i looked into the technical advantages and security , since its bank app .
Technical advantages:
1. Social media /facebook/whatsapp have no access to your accounts. They are just contact identifier and link sharing mechanism for the app. So No hacker's issue here .
2. Mpin configured, in event of phone idle , app gets locked automatically and asks for Mpin which is know only to user.
3. Payment transfers and received over IMPS channel . Banking security involved.
4. In event of phone theft or loss don't worry . Unless you thief knows your Mpin he/she cant do any transaction .
5. Call axis customer support and block the app/card/account in event of theft.

lot more..
I can go on and on about it . I 'm really loving it ,
Just go to playstore and install it now.
Adding some screen shots here from the app .

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