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Game Of Thrones

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Game Of Thrones

-George R.R. Martin

Wooo !!! A here's a new book review of humongous book " The Game of Thrones" 1st season .
Many would ask why so much delay for review!!? Well i was quite preoccupied and it's longggg book .

I love the series and have scrapped thru all seasons . I wanted to know the the story behind these. How it all came into as series , the inspiration and actual book behind it.

This book is good for reading but i daresay , its same as season . Not much surprises, I was literally having visuals  while reading . No surprises in the book :( but it hooked me . I read and read and read. Sometimes i wouldn't know time. The story, well everyone knows that already , I don't want to reveal it . Lord Eddard Stark's story is well covered and good.
Small description of story who haven't seen the series :

The story revolves around the iron throne, it's a throne for Lord of Seven Kingdoms . Politics , kingship, family drama are essence of this book . The story has so many characters and believe me surprising characters. The family traditions, love , sex , incest and controversial relations. The historical touch , the magical mystery , politics it's just wow.

Just go ahead . Read the book , watch the series and see your visions coming true. It's awesome experience , don's miss .

Winter is coming . :)

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