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The Silence with the Living Souls

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The Silence of the Living Souls

-Jude Volkart

The Silence With The Living Souls is an life story of a boy , eyezak . The story has lot of characters closely associated with eyezak. His parents, his guardian,teachers, sister-nuns etc.

The flow of the story unfolds  life incidents of eyezak . This whole story is journey of eyezak from childhood to grown up man . 
Story is full of life incidents . This story is different than normal happy ending stories, or casual novels. This 

There is no sugar coating to the serious events that occur in eyezak's life , it's harsh reality and it's described as such .

For. e.g , in initial chapter of the book you will get to know , circumstances of father and mother's death. We can only try and feel the feeling a kid goes through but author has described those feelings in words. Author described the feeling that a kid goes through , how he accuses himself, how it impacts psychologically , health , social well being. So many feeling and experience. 
Then it so happens that the kid grows up with these feelings, with known/unknown people, unknown circumstances. so many things

You can relate to the story , don't give up , This book is very different than the books you might have read. The flow of the emotions and experiences is incomparable. Different people can make their own opinions about the book but if you are hardcore reader read it full to unravel the life mystery of eyezak .

I would recommend the book for serious readers who like experimenting with reading ,psychologists ,

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