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I have a Dream

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I have a Dream 

-Rashmi Bansal 

So here's s something new from Rashmi Bansal. I like Rashmi's concept of highlighting case studies of startups, companies, people . She does it in very playful way , like a story mode, It doesn't feel like you are reading some long and extensive business case study . 

I have previously read and reviewed Rashmi's book , "Stay hungry Stay foolish" . 

This book Is all about Social Entrepreneurship . Believe it or not there are people in India who work not of profit making or self motives but for others. They have made it mission of their lives to make society better, improve the lives of unprivileged, underprivileged. They are using creative concepts and ideas to achieve this. 
Rashmi has selected good examples , all different , unique in their nature, approach, strategy but with one Aim, to make It all better. 

She has divided the book In various sections:  Rainmakers, Changemakers, The Spritual Capitalist

Let me try and explain the above : 
Rainmaker: This are those people and/or organizations that work on some business service, model, product manufacturing. The motive is not for profiteer or profit-making but to generate profits and give it back to less privileged. This helps the people to maintain their dignity , they work hard to archive this profit/income. The motive of this to uplift their lives so that they do dignified work, and earn their bread with their hard work. 

Changemakers: This are those people who had an idea, formulated it and made the change happen. It's not easy, they put their efforts, saw the downfall but never lost hope in their cause. Some started micro-funding without any guarantee against it , just the trust. And it has paid off. Then other started teaching voluntarily and also encouraged her friends to teach , it started a movement and it's been working in whole country . 
It also covers Right To Information(RTI) act , people who made it possible for us to question government and have assurance of a reply in given time . RTI has been one of the most instrumental inclusion in India Government laws . People are getting their queries resolved at faster pace. Ask the proper questions to proper people concerned. It is significant change. 

Spiritual Captalist: These are those people who had that spiritual enlightenment . They got their push through Dharma, good deeds . Akshay Patra is one such example. Imagine feeding thousands of people everyday , with proper food management, people management and time management. Doing ti everyday all on donation money!. Akshay Patra is dong this ever since the inception. Who says religion is only prayers and rituals. It's also a social effort, community a medium that brings people together . 
One just changed the concept of Ashrams. The ashrams is home to unprivileged girls all over . It provides for their residential, education, food  needs . The students here are being taught to be the better people in the , academically,morally & financially.

I recommend this book for all . This book drives that feeling of doing good and giving back to the society. 
There are lot of innovative ways to do it. Who says NGO run, operate  all Donations only. !! 

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