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Storm the Norm

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Storm the Norm

-Anisha Motwani

This book is one of the finest case studies kind of book . The author has explore on the success stories of 20 Brands that you see everyday , know them but never have given thought . How did they become part of your lives!? Brands like Tata tea , Makemytrip , Sensodyne. Cadbury , Kurkure,Sprite..and lot's more , If i tell all you won't read it.
Let me give you an insight to this book , 
What does "Sprite" reminds you !   by tv commercial you immediately get the word "Clear he.." or "Seedhi baat no bakwaas" . Sprite has drafted it's advertisement as such that it relates to youth. Straightforward approach , that striking attitude, clear thought. The adds keep you involved and related. The Author has given that observation for Sprite which makes you wonder , how a normal lime aerated water can be symbol of youth . 
Take another brand "Tata Tea" what does it remind you !.. right now in your head it's "Jaagooo Reyyy " . See the beauty of it, the two words are intertwined with each other. Tea is most consumed drink in India. It's a symbol ,it's a gesture, it's an offering, it's also medium for those unsaid hospitality norms. We all love the tea(chai). We offer it as honest gesture to guests ,recently it's also related to bribe someone(chai-pani).Now imagine this product along with a revolution, revolutionary idea,excitement. "Tata tea" comes with confidence from trusted name like Tata and then it's a Tea. Perfect combination to build that trust. The tv commercials, i guess every Indian television viewer must have seen this commercial or advertisement once. The words and the content in commercial that it gives you that empowering feeling. Author has given prefect outline of the Tata tea brand. 
Then there is Idea, Sensodyne and soo onnn. 

Just go ahead and read. It's a good book . 

This book is a must recommend to new entrepreneurs to understand how brand building works. 
This book is must recommend for marketing managers, brand managers, media persons , advertisement developers.

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